ron spelmanRon Spelman who paints in oil and draws in pen and ink prefers figurative work. Some of his days will be spent painting landscapes, some seascapes an occasional animal most often horses....but always comes back to his true love (and it's really a passion) people! Portraiture of folks with interesting faces (it's often all about faces, attitude) dancers, athletes and nudes - not necessarily in that order.

Ron is a current member of the San Diego Portrait Society (and a past president), The Market Street Group, Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild and The La Jolla Art Association and has won awards at various shows and venues such as the San Diego Portrait Society and the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, California.

Ron had a successful career in the finance business both on Wall Street and in San Diego where he owned his own investment firm Spelman & Co. He currently resides in La Jolla, California. where he spends much of his time working to capture on canvas such elusive things as skin tones, composition, values, lights and darks with proper contrasts and proportion. And when he puts it all together it's his equivalent of hitting a grand slam home's then that he reaps the rewards of the hard work that all successful artists apply to their craft.



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